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3 Best Back Breakers for Summer Training

3 Best Back Breakers for Summer Training

Everything you need to know (and more!) about pickleball

Saturday is the first official day of summer in Northern California. That means lots of backyard BBQ, pool time, and the start of two-a-days.

It also means lots of sweat, so it’s important to be your best each and every time you hit the courts. No one says you have to work in the gym and lift the weights, but it gives you a better foundation to work off on your best moves.

If you want to stay fit and toned this summer, then picking up a new set of tools is the best bet. Here are three picks that can help you crush your training sessions in the summer heat:

Walking Stick:

One of the most common complaints about the walking stick is that it’s small. Don’t worry about that. It doesn’t have to be bulky. The walking stick is a one of a kind.

The best part is that it has different lengths. The smaller version is used for beginners, while the bigger version is more useful for advanced players.

If you don’t want to get it custom-made, then there are a lot of online stores selling similar products. Most of them have affordable prices.

Back Breaker:

This is an absolutely essential piece of training gear for all the players as it works as an extension of your back and helps you keep a good posture. Back Breaker is a combination of a long foam or rubber sleeve and a back support.

The advantage of using a back breaker is that it works perfectly in all weather conditions. If you put the back support on before you hit the court and hit a set, then the back support will support you and the foam sleeve will make sure you don’t tip over even in the rain.

Also, using a back breaker gives you even more room to play and makes your back stronger and more durable. It also helps you stretch your back out and

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