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5 Facts About Vanguardia

5 Facts About Vanguardia

Meet LA Vanguardia: The Latino innovators, instigators and power players breaking through barriers to lead in the global arena

Los Angeles’s Spanish Language Academies have helped provide a powerful counterpoint to the power and influence of the established Ivy League and top corporate schools and universities like Stanford, Harvard, Duke, MIT and Columbia on the West Coast. LA Vanguardia, a group of 25 Latino leaders who serve on the boards and run the organizations that are pioneering research, technology and business, has become the driving force behind the success of the LA area’s innovative Latino-led community based organizations.

Vanguardia’s goal is to help the region’s Latino youth achieve and achieve above their expectations and break down the barriers that are present in the Latino communities of Los Angeles and beyond. As a leader in the Latino community and a key community organization in Los Angeles, Vanguardia helps facilitate high-level partnerships between the private sector, the government and educational institutions to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Vanguardia’s leadership is dedicated to leading the Latino community in Los Angeles and throughout the United States, especially in the areas of science, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Here are five facts about Vanguardia that may surprise you:

1. Vanguardia’s founders are all Latino and a member of the same family

Vanguardia’s founders, all Latinos who had the opportunity to attend Harvard University and then move on with their educational and professional careers, graduated from prestigious universities with prestigious science, engineering, research and business degrees. Many of them are the recipients of prestigious doctorates, including a doctorate in physics from Columbia University and a doctorate in mathematics and a doctorate in computer science from the University of Southern California.

However, Vanguardia’s founders are the only Latinos in their family group, and Vanguardia’s founders have become successful in their careers in the private sector, which is what they were trained for.

2. Vanguardia is leading the national movement for Latino achievement and entrepreneurship

Vanguardia’s vision is to lead in the high-tech industry

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