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Alaska woman arrested for allegedly voting twice in Florida

Alaska woman arrested for allegedly voting twice in Florida

Woman arrested, charged with voting in both Florida and Alaska

In a case that drew national headlines, an Alaska resident was arrested for allegedly voting twice in Florida. A 21-year-old woman from Fairbanks was taken into custody by officials in Miami on Monday. The alleged scheme began in 2016. She is accused of voting twice in the same precinct at the same polling location in Fairbanks in 2016. She was then arrested and charged with two counts of voting in both Florida and Alaska. In a subsequent interview with CBS, she reportedly said she didn’t know she was legally eligible to vote in both states. The incident was dubbed “The Florida-Alaska double voter” by the Anchorage Daily News.

The alleged double voter was first arrested in Miami in December 2016. The FBI reportedly launched an investigation into the incident. In the early morning hours of December 30, officials in Miami arrested the woman, who is from Fairbanks. While on the cusp of her graduation from college, she reportedly went to the polling place in Miami and cast a ballot. Officials also reportedly said that she had registered to vote at the same location in Miami. She is now being detained at the Miami-Dade County jail. The charges include one count of voting in both Florida and Alaska.

The woman, who is under investigation, has reportedly declined to comment on the matter regarding the alleged incident. No other information regarding the charges was provided. CBS reported that investigators were questioning her about multiple previous voting incidents.

“This individual was found to be registered to vote in both Florida and Alaska. Her alleged actions undermine efforts to secure the public’s confidence that their votes are being counted.

“The investigation and arrest is being supervised by the FBI. The case is being prosecuted in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.” — FBI

“We think that it’s important for people to have faith in the integrity of our elections,” FBI Director Christopher A. Wray said in a statement on

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