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Book Tickets for the Dublin Book Festival 2018

Book Tickets for the Dublin Book Festival 2018

Read Your Way Through Dublin, Ireland’s Greatest Book Festival

The Dublin Book Festival (also known as ‘Dubliner’) – also the Dublin International Book Festival, the Dublin International Literary Festival and the annual book festival of Ireland’s capital city – kicks off in late July and runs for one week. It may have been described as a ‘cultural’ festival, but it’s really about literary culture, and how the city’s rich literary heritage intersects with the creative energy of its artists and musicians.

That said, you will find yourself on a literal merry-go-round of people and ideas. If you’re not with us, though, you may have to make do with the live coverage on this page – which is all going to be worth a read.

You can read about the festival in the Dublin News and the Dublin Times, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how it works over social media.

Booking for the Festival

If you’re not into attending the festival, that’s OK. But you can book tickets through the festival’s official website, or through Dublin Public Library, where you will need to register before the festival kicks off.

As well as access to all the festival’s events, you will receive a ticket to pick up on Friday and Saturday afternoons. This is the best deal for those who are taking a family or group trip.

If you’re going to book tickets, be sure to check if you can change the start day of the festival. If it’s July, you need to book your tickets from the day the festival officially begins. If it’s August, you can change the date, but you’ll have to pay the new start day in the form of an additional booking fee.

For more information about the festival, and how to book tickets, check out our guide to Booking for the Dublin Book Festival 2018.


In order to go to the festival, you’ll need to book tickets and a hotel room. You can pay for your ticket with a credit card online or on-site at the booking centre. Then, in the event

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