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Cal Poly Students Should Vote against a UC Faculty Strike Bill

Cal Poly Students Should Vote against a UC Faculty Strike Bill

Editorial: A strike by UC academic workers would tarnish the prestigious university system

University of California President Janet Napolitano has said we don’t need more money from the Legislature and is working to trim the UC budget.

But students shouldn’t have to wait to find out how we’ll have access to those millions.

There’s no reason why they should have to wait for a strike by UC academic workers if they simply elect to make it a voting issue.

On Sunday, a UC employee union is planning to walk off the job if Gov. Jerry Brown signs a bill that would require them to give the union a first contract.

The bill would prohibit the California Faculty Association in the University of California from striking or engaging in a strike knowing that the bill allows the UC to terminate the contract without pay, but it would allow them to collect union dues after their contract expires, which would keep them members of the union rather than union employees.

The union, which represents about 6,100 full-time employees at the seven campuses of the UC, including those engaged in teaching, research and scholarship, opposes the bill because they don’t want the law to be interpreted as allowing the UC to fire them.

In this context, the union is asking Cal Poly students to vote against the bill on the question of union support if they wish to join the UC faculty strike campaign.

“On the one hand, this bill is in violation of our contract with the University of California and could lead to the firing of faculty members at Cal Poly — staff at campuses across the state — if the bill is signed,” the union said in a statement Monday. “On the other hand, unionization by Cal Poly students would represent a clear vote of solidarity with the workers on strike against the Legislature and Gov. Brown on the job they have failed to do, and help to bring about an immediate reduction of UC wages and benefits.

“To vote against the

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