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Councilwoman Nury Martinez Should Resign

Councilwoman Nury Martinez Should Resign

Letters to the Editor: Readers call on Councilwoman Nury Martinez to resign

By Bill McGovern

I’ve been following the debate on the Councilwoman-Nury Martinez case since it began to unfold two weeks ago, and my conclusion hasn’t changed: It’s time for Councilwoman Nury Martinez to resign.

She has proven to be both imprudent and insensitive to Councilman Anthony Davis during the course of the most public controversy of the year, and her decision to call the President of the Council and demand an apology from him without providing the facts behind her call and the context of the conversation is nothing but an attempt to score cheap political points.

She is now the target of a personal attack from Davis for merely taking up where the Council President had left off, and for the Council President to say he thought the matter was settled. That’s not how policy and politics work.

No elected official should be allowed to play games and be disrespectful to the people serving them and they should be held accountable for the actions of their positions. Councilwoman Nury Martinez has been doing the wrong thing for years.

At the same time, Councilman Anthony Davis has done nothing to warrant such a strong and scathing response from Councilwoman Martinez, and if he did, we’d understand the reasons why. He has apologized for his remarks that violated public policy and were inappropriate. He has admitted and said he did nothing intentionally to damage the Mayor or Councilwoman Nury, but they believe he did so anyway. For Councilwoman Nury Martinez to call him the next day and demand an apology, without providing the facts of her call or the context of the conversation, is an insult and betrayal of her position that is so far out of line.

Councilwoman Nury Martinez has acted in a manner so out of touch, so inappropriate and so unlike herself that she should be removed from any public role for her actions.

I’ve been a loyal supporter of Councilwoman

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