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Djokovic’s Day Off

Djokovic’s Day Off

Djokovic leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of perfection, but secrecy with drink mixture draws scrutiny

Djokovic is no stranger to the media, as he has been a prolific contributor to both the Tennis Channel and USTA magazines’ releases. And though he doesn’t have to worry about the tabloid press, especially the female variety, he is no stranger to the media and his critics.

“I don’t really trust it,” he admits. “I’ve just learned to deal with the press. I can’t control what they say. I can control what I think.”

On this, Djokovic’s day off, he says nothing. There’s only so much you can say about your own actions. However, he does admit, offhandedly, that his reputation isn’t exactly sterling when it comes to drinking.

“I drink,” he smiles. “I’m a regular guy.”

Sitting at a table on the terrace of the Hovegods restaurant in Lighthouse Point just meters from an outdoor pool, Djokovic is as relaxed as he was an hour after turning 41. Like many men approaching the half-century mark, Djokovic has had to deal with the aging process in his own way.

He has watched his body change without much fanfare. He said goodbye to the idea of a long career after an 11-hour match against John Isner and his knee “just gave out.” Before that, he made a similar comment after beating John Isner at Wimbledon in 2014.

And two years later he announced his retirement from the sport he still considers the greatest he has ever competed in.

The last two years have not been a smooth one, however; Djokovic has been dealing with a growing sense of insecurity about his place in the sport. He hasn’t played all five Grand Slams this season.

He has won his last Grand Slam since the US

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