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Football’s issue with racism: Wayne Routledge

Football’s issue with racism: Wayne Routledge

Patrice Evra speaks out on racist abuse and how to combat it

The issue of racism in football has taken centre stage in recent weeks with the abuse aimed at Manchester United defender Antonia Sanz, the Arsenal defender Sokratis Papastathopoulos and Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne.

The abuse was, according to the Football Association, “unacceptable” and a “menace to the football family.”

Following the first incident, Football’s top brass and former United and Arsenal players urged the FA to do more.

But a senior England international has been speaking out about the abuse, who is determined to make it a taboo subject.

And the former Tottenham and Watford player has opened up about the “terrible” effect it is having on his own life, not least the stress it has taken on his relationship with his wife, Emma.

Find out more about the abuse, but first a look at the man behind the issue, a man who has been described as a “role model” by his former colleague on Football Reflections.

Reflections have been following Tottenham’s player of the year Wayne Routledge, who suffered from racism, as he was treated by the authorities and how he tried to make a difference against it.

He is also speaking out about the abuse he has been subjected to and is determined to make it a taboo subject.

What is football’s issue with racism?

The Football Association, as well as the Premier League owners and the Football League, have all expressed support for the FA’s stance over the abuse and the response by the authorities to the “menace to the football family.”

However, there is some confusion as to what exactly is being referred to by the term “racism” – this confusion can be seen clearly when comparing racism to sexual harassment or domestic abuse.

When you consider the context of what these terms

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