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HBO is teaming up with Alexandra Pelosi to create a documentary about her father

HBO is teaming up with Alexandra Pelosi to create a documentary about her father

HBO to air Nancy Pelosi doc shot by daughter Alexandra Pelosi

HBO has confirmed it is teaming up with Alexandra Pelosi — the daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) — to shoot a documentary chronicling the life of her father and the U.S. House.

The new documentary, titled “The Life of Our Leader,” will chronicle the life of Pelosi from birth through the last 11 months in office, while weaving her father’s career in politics and life in Congress.

“The Life of Our Leader” will air on HBO next year, and will consist of behind-the-scenes footage of the daily life of the Democrat’s father, in addition to footage of interviews with Pelosi as well as with other politicians and actors.

“There’s a long history of documentary filmmakers covering members of Congress, both as members of Congress and as politicians. That became clear early on for myself and many others, but we discovered that there was no one with the necessary perspective to represent our country’s historic leader who was not a politician,” Alexandra Pelosi said in a statement announcing the project.

The project is the brainchild of Alexandra Pelosi’s husband and chief creative officer, Michael Klimczak. He said he came up with the idea of the project while researching the life and career of Pelosi and how it compared with her father George’s.

The documentary is also notable for being a first for HBO. The outlet had long been the home of documentary projects, but has been criticized for not having a documentary series on the side. “The Life of Our Leader” will be the first HBO documentary created from an elected official.

Alexandra Pelosi has worked with Klimzak and her husband, who she said helped co-create the project. The documentary will be produced by Klimzak’s production company

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