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Joan Rivers’s “pet peeve” about the Wimbledon uniform

Joan Rivers's "pet peeve" about the Wimbledon uniform

Billie Jean King’s ‘pet peeve’ is Wimbledon’s ‘horrible’ all white uniform policy

In her second-to-last interview conducted for her autobiography ‘The Truth About Life with Joan Rivers,’ sportswear mogul Joan Rivers asked for a chance to write a “pet peeve” about the tennis tournament.

In the interview, Rivers said she thought that the all white uniform for the men’s singles draws at Wimbledon meant that the players would be intimidated when they started their matches.

“I think something’s missing. There’s a little bit of white up here on the arms and maybe on the shoulders. Maybe the face is a little too white. White on the face is good. It’s the rest of it that’s a little bit white. So it’s just the worst uniform in sports. It’s really terrible,” Rivers said.

A few moments later, she continued on the same thought when she said: “I don’t like it. I think it’s horrid. I think the whole thing is horrid.”

Rivers went on to call it “the worst sports outfit in the country.”

It is not uncommon for athletes to take a dislike to the uniform that some of them wear during sporting events, as it’s more of a fashion statement rather than a functional one.

In the same way, athletes do not like the all white policy of Wimbledon and the U.S. Open tennis tournaments.

In 2014, American football quarterback Russell Wilson had a very different view on the Wimbledon all white uniform.

“I never thought I enjoyed going to Wimbledon, to be honest. I don’t need to go to that place anymore. I find it too annoying,” Wilson said during an interview at the 2017 NFL Draft.

“That’s the biggest problem — that’s the only thing I hate about the Wimbledon tournament, which is that they always wear all white jerseys.”

“I never thought I liked playing tennis when I was younger because when I started playing tennis, I was young

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