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Miss America’s husband caught her in a compromising position

Miss America's husband caught her in a compromising position

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico reveal that they’re married, in yet another new twist in a series of events that started when Miss Colombia’s body language caused Puerto Rico to suspect that there was an ulterior motive to their match.

Puerto Rico had taken a strong stance against women’s football, and was so offended by the Miss Colombia performance that it had threatened to withhold the title of Miss Universe from her.

Then, in a twist of fate, the competition took a turn for the bizarre when the judges called the Puerto Rican girls and asked Miss Puerto Rico, as Miss United States, to compete against her.

Miss Brazil had won the pageant previously, but Miss Colombia had given her a bad time, saying she had “unruly manner of speaking” and “a loud and very confident voice”.

Miss Puerto Rico, who has never met Miss Colombia, took the stance that this was a game between two women – and that Puerto Rico was only looking for a way to disqualify both of the girls.

For her part, Miss America was not so happy with the decision, saying that there was no reason to disqualify women for voicing their opinions.

“This country is full of women who have strong opinions on a wide variety of subjects. I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that the girls in Miss Colombia’s competition were anything but nice.

I find it shocking and disturbing that anybody would try and take this away from her, and that somebody would try to disqualify her just because they disagree with her,” she said.

We can confirm that both Puerto Rican girls are married.

We can also report that Miss America has been the subject of another unpleasant incident.

In a bizarre twist to the pageant’s storyline, we now know that Miss America has allegedly been caught by her husband.

A source told “It’s just bizarre that we now have this new twist to this story.

“She called her husband on the way back from Puerto Rico and told him she was going to the bathroom and would be back to speak to him later. It turned out the lady had a boyfriend in Puerto Rico, who later called and told her to get away from the man because she was having an affair with him. We can only assume that her husband caught her in a compromising position.”

The source went on to explain that a marriage licence had been

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