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“Rainn Wilson” is changing his Twitter handle to “The Informant!”

"Rainn Wilson" is changing his Twitter handle to "The Informant!"

Rainn Wilson changes his Twitter name — sort of — for climate change ‘stunt’

As his new movie, “The Informant!,” opens Friday in limited theaters, “Rainn Wilson” is making some changes to his Twitter handle. It now reads “Pelosi. Pelosi. Pelosi. Pelosi,” with a new @ symbol in the first part of the handle.

The move, which is still being confirmed by Wilson’s publicist, is part of what has become a frequent protest among Wilson’s fans. Other changes include a re-tweet of “The Informant!,” a new emoji for “Rain” and “Reality checks” and an accompanying retweet of an article about “The Informant!” that notes, “All you need to do to see climate change from a new perspective is go to Twitter and look up the hashtag #globalwar against Trump.”

“The only thing I’m hiding is my Twitter handle,” Wilson joked in a statement published on his Twitter account Friday. “It’s not a secret if people know who it is.”

But it could not have been more clear that he wants to have it known that he doesn’t believe there is climate change.

In the last few days he has made several references to what he calls “the facts” on climate change and has asked the public to “send him the facts.” He has also made several comments to CNN in which he makes clear his belief in man-made global warming:

“I’m just very impressed and grateful that we’ve gone from 350 parts per million to 390 now with a year left to go and there are these wonderful, beautiful storms in the Pacific. And I love the fact that every storm that hits the West Coast is a climate crisis. And I think — it’s really just not a hoax. I think it’s called the reality check here,” he said.

He’s also said he’s going to speak at the TED Conference in June, at the same time as the “Informant!” movie premiere. The film, by Oscar-winning director Ken Burns, is based on a series of stories by NPR. Wilson has also said he would like to go to the Democratic National Convention in

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