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Ralph Lauren Inc. — The Leading Fashion Retailer in the World

Ralph Lauren Inc. — The Leading Fashion Retailer in the World

Sheryl Lee Ralph is all about the next generation and is committed to making sure they are successful in life.

With a degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri, she moved to New York City where she began working at a boutique clothing store and then started her own store, “Ralph Lauren.” Her husband’s love for fashion was a great influence on her decision to run her own fashion business.

In the 1980s, Ralph Lauren, Inc. established the first “Ralph Lauren Collection” to provide consumers the opportunity to purchase the finest designer men’s clothing.

Since then, Ralph Lauren Inc. has grown its fashion division to become one of the leading fashion retailers in the world, with 14,000 employees across the United States, Canada and Asia. In 2007, Ralph Lauren Inc. acquired an international fashion design agency, in-house label “Ralph & Russo.” This brand was established in 2000 and has expanded to include a full line of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories for men and women, including accessories and jewelry.

In 2009, Ralph Lauren, Inc. had a turnover of $10.2 billion. In 2011, the company’s quarterly sales were $17.1 billion and Ralph Lauren’s net sales were $1.9 billion.

In its financial statements and financial records, Ralph Lauren, Inc. has been recognized as a leader with high levels of internal control.

In 2006, the company opened its first store in San Francisco through a public-private partnership. Ralph Lauren opened its first store in Toronto in 2009. This year, the company will open its first store in Tokyo. In 2012, the company will open its first store in New York City.

Ralph Lauren, Inc, was the first fashion retailer to make it a policy to sell no more than five pieces of clothing from one designer and to offer a full line of men�

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