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Sherri Shepherd vs. Marlo Thomas: The UFC’s “Fake” Fight Has Nothing To Do With Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd vs. Marlo Thomas: The UFC’s “Fake” Fight Has Nothing To Do With Sherri Shepherd

Marlo Thomas praised Sherri Shepherd’s weight loss; fans say ‘That Girl’ went too far

Marlo Thomas announced Thursday morning that he will be returning to the ring after an eight year hiatus. Thomas, of course, is best known for his two championship reigns as the World Heavyweight Champion in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Many had expected Thomas to return in a title defense against former World Champion Antonio Tarver at UFC 104 on May 5 in Chicago.

Thomas will be going up against a much tougher opponent than Tarver. Marlon Sandor is an All-American wrestler who, according to the UFC website, is “considered one of the top heavyweight wrestlers in the world.” Sandor beat heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia in the first round of a one round battle on September 2, 1997, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The fight that has the UFC “hyping” it in the lead up to the show has nothing to do with Sherri Shepherd. In fact, the fight has nothing to do with Sherri Shepherd. It’s nothing more than a gimmick. It doesn’t matter what Sherri Shepherd or Marlo Thomas looks or looks like. It doesn’t matter where she’s from or who she’s married to or what she’s doing with her life. What matters right now is that Sherri Shepherd lost a lot of weight and Marlo Thomas has gained 20 lbs. for the fight. But the fight is nothing more than a “fake fight” promoted by the promotion that the media calls the UFC.

Well, Sherri Shepherd gained weight and Marlo Thomas lost a whole lot more fat. This fight might be interesting. But if it is, it’s more so than Sherri Shepherd. I think Sherri Shepherd has already blown her opportunity and that’s my take.

Now, the problem with the Sherri Shepherd fight was not that she lost weight but that the UFC is promoting a fight that has nothing to do with her at all. They are promoting a fight where the main event is supposed to be a title fight between Antonio Tarver and Marlon Sandor.

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