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South Africa’s World Cup will be held at the world’s largest stadium

South Africa's World Cup will be held at the world's largest stadium

World Cup fans ready to celebrate despite stadium beer ban

As if World Cup fans aren’t excited enough heading into this week’s competition in South Africa, where the competition will be held for the first time with the South African team, the country’s soccer fans will be able to celebrate this week as well.

The World Cup is celebrating its 100th birthday this week, and many of the country’s fans will be partying as if it were their birthdays.

To honor this, the country’s major sporting event will be held on the world’s largest stadium in Johannesburg. That doesn’t mean that fans will only be able to party on the fields, though as the World Cup will be taking place at the new Soccer City at Kempton Park, which seats more than 80,000 fans.

Instead, the world’s most famous venue will be filled for the second consecutive year to celebrate the competition.

“This is an absolutely massive event for our country,” World Cup co-chair and former South African president Jacob Zuma told CNN. “Kempton Park will be packed; I can assure you of that.”

The stadium will be the second largest in South Africa, only behind in Pretoria, which holds 80,000 people.

The World Cup has come a long way since the first edition, that took place in Johannesburg for the first time in 1930. It has grown in scope from a few hundred people taking in the soccer game on the streets to the international event attended by over 200 million and counting.

Zuma’s job as the World Cup’s co-chair is to see that the competition is treated as a great event for all, especially the people who live in the country. And while the country hosts the World Cup, people from around the world get to celebrate with that in the form of the various cultural performances that are part of the fun.

“When you look at the World Cup, you do get the impression of the country, the history

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