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StopShots: A New Approach to Stopping People From Recording Their Public Safety Interactions

StopShots: A New Approach to Stopping People From Recording Their Public Safety Interactions

Op-Ed: When fear meets technology, your evening walk ends up on video and you’re arrested.

When you live in a city, you get a fair amount of free time. There is a great deal of green space and other amenities. There are museums and galleries, parks to enjoy, and a wide range of restaurants and eateries.

If you are ever out walking your dog, or even just cruising around, you are almost certain to see someone who is holding a cell phone or some other camera out in front of them.

These individuals are not looking for any photos of us. They are probably doing research for an article about them. But the point is, it is a violation of privacy.

It is a major problem for us to have our privacy invaded by cameras and video cameras.

But now, thanks to the wonders of technology, we have the equivalent of being arrested and detained merely for walking our dog or even watching the city from our front yard.

That is because a security company from the name of Skywatcher is taking a new approach to stopping people from recording their public safety interactions or otherwise recording their night-time strolls without their knowledge.

This new program is called, “StopShots.” It has been developed by Skywatcher in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Skywatcher is a company that supplies security cameras to large corporations. This company’s customers include FedEx, Apple, the University of Rochester, UCLA, IBM and The Weather Channel.

Skywatcher’s main mission is to supply security cameras for businesses such as private residences, hotels and apartment buildings. The company’s primary target audience is the public. This is because Skywatcher’s cameras do not record video without the consent of the person recording the video.

However, the company’s main business model is to also supply the police agencies and local officials with video cameras to help them with their investigations. In doing so, Skywatcher makes money by serving as both video

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