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Susan Sarandon’s a feminist woman

Susan Sarandon’s a feminist woman

Opinion: What calls to boycott ‘The Woman King’ are really saying

Loud and proud as ever, Susan Sarandon is up and in at 5:30 p.m. today for one night of The Golden Globes. The film she’s in, “The Woman in Black,” is in the running for an Oscar, but she’ll be honored with her very own Best Actress award, and all this time, she’s been a bit of a controversial figure within the feminist community. It all started in July 2014 with her choice to participate in a protest against Alicia Keys for her song, “No One” by The Black Eyed Peas.

The singer—who won the 2016 Grammy for her album “Cadence”—came to her defense after Keys went to bed singing her song, the title track, to the point where it was only her singing the words, “No one” when Keys went to sleep. Keys, of course, took offense, calling it a “slut-shaming” and accused Sarandon of “cultural appropriation.” Keys said she won’t sing for someone who had slept with her husband.

The Golden Globes, of course, was all about the Oscars. And what did Sarandon do? She didn’t participate in the protest against Keys, which she calls “the biggest injustice in music because it denies her a victory.” Instead, she went topless.

“I have always been proud to raise my hand in support of women, women everywhere, and to be on the side of the patriarchy. I am a feminist woman,” she told us in her interview with The Daily Beast, adding that “I have always said that the world is getting worse, and I said it to a lot of people who couldn’t hear it. The thing

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