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The Afro-Centric Grammy Awards

The Afro-Centric Grammy Awards

The Grammys are considering adding an Afrobeats category to the Grammy nominations next year, reports The Associated Press. The category, which is expected to be a duet with Latin counterparts, would require performers to be “born in Africa,” and would not require them to have visited or been born in the United States.

The Associated Press writes that the Grammy nominations committee is considering the proposal, and have asked the Recording Academy to “advise on other methods” of recognizing Afrocentric artists. Earlier this year, Black Enterprise reached out to the Recording Academy for insight into the category, and is hoping to get on the record as a result.

Grammy-winning artists who do not qualify for the Afrobeats category are still eligible to win nominations.

The Recording Academy said in a statement that the initiative “provides a great opportunity to recognize the creative achievements of artists who are often overlooked in recognition of their cultural contributions.”

“The Recording Academy’s mission is to advance the progress of African-centered art and culture,” the statement continued. “We are committed to recognizing the contributions of artists who have a unique place in the creative and cultural continuum, and in the history of music and entertainment.”

We’d like to welcome the new African-American National Committee to the Grammy Awards.

The National Committee is the first branch of our effort to build a National Movement to advance the advancement of Black America. We will be working to educate the media, our friends, supporters and most importantly, the power of our people — the African-American National Committee.

In his statement, National Committee member and Grammy nominee Al Bumstead said that he is very excited about the idea.

“The inclusion of the Afro-centric category is long overdue, and is a step closer to realising the dream of our forefathers,” he said. “

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