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The Author of The Book of Life: A Story of a Stay-At-Home Mom

The Author of The Book of Life: A Story of a Stay-At-Home Mom

Meet Caitlin Covington, The Woman Known as “Christian Girl Autumn”

The author shares her experiences in a candid interview, including how she was fired from her first job out of high school; her experience with being bullied for wearing a cross around her neck; the importance of not caring about being “like other girls”; her decision to leave her comfort zone and follow her dreams; and why she felt it was important that she make a record of her life.

What sparked your interest in writing?

I was a stay-at-home mom, so I didn’t have the same pressure as a working-mother, and I wasn’t on a real career trajectory. But I always liked writing. One of my best friends’ older brother was a writer, and he always took us to movies and helped us read his books. He was always encouraging to try things, and I liked the idea of having a pen or pencil in my hand to write what I didn’t know.

I never really had any interest in school, so I wrote plays in second grade. I wrote poems in third grade, and then I wrote my first play while in sixth grade. And then I had a lot of writing jobs working for little money, like as a waitress and at a bookstore and online. Then one day, I just decided to quit everything.

I was 17. It was a new year, and I had recently moved to Colorado, and I knew there weren’t as many jobs available to women as there were to men. I was tired of playing the waiting game, and decided I needed to be independent and follow the path I wanted to take.

How did you transition from a stay-at-home mom to a full-time writer?

I started freelancing after moving to Colorado and learned that I could be paid by word count, which made it easier to juggle everything at once. My family was very supportive too, which made working and getting it done easier. With freelance writing, there’s no time to be a stay-at-home mom. I went to work on a Friday night, and on Monday, I had to be there for my sons’ football practice.

How did you come

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