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The Clone Wars: The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars: The Clone Wars

Commentary: ‘Star Wars’ has always been political. ‘Andor’ made it must-see TV.

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars” was originally a two-hour show, but for the first two seasons, it was aired as four (one hour), and then again as two, and then as three, until it was broadcast in its entirety in its entirety in December 2006. “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” is, like “Star Wars” before it and after it, a television show that exists to make money. Like “Star Trek” before it, it’s filled with fanboy fervor and pandering to the lowest of the low—but unlike “Star Trek,” it’s a show that requires a willingness to suspend reality.

I was a little nervous to watch “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” because my wife has a friend who is a huge fan of the series, and who’s always given me a skeptical look when I try to talk her into watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation” because the series isn’t what she wants to watch. But when I saw a clip from the show on Facebook the night before, I knew I had to give “The Clone Wars” a look. She loved the show, we both loved the show, and, truth be told, in that short time I had with her, I discovered this show from a fan who had a good sense of what she wanted her own show to be.

“Star Wars” fans will never forget the episode “Return of the Jedi” because that episode was everything the “Star Trek” series should have been—honest, emotional, and emotional and emotional. It was an hour of pure joy in the midst of a galaxy-size mess. It was joy for those who felt joy. It was joy for those who did not—those who did not want to believe in the good and the bad, who did not want to be able to see anything other

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