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The Dodgers Should Not Practice Foul Territories

The Dodgers Should Not Practice Foul Territories

Letters to the Editor: Hey, Dodgers, care to comment on that racist ad played during the playoffs?

Dear Editor:

As you know the Dodgers finished the series against the Giants last night and in the last game after the extra inning they were down six to one, they won the game 6-1. The Dodgers are looking forward to playing the Yankees next weekend and their fans are looking forward to that too.

But what are some comments or advice for the Dodgers to help keep their fans safe. I don’t think it would hurt their fans to keep the team from using foul territory to practice throwing. The Dodgers have a couple of players that have been involved in serious domestic violence situations with their wives.

Dodgers stadium is packed on game days. The Giants are the home team. So if the home team is the aggressor or the aggressors then the rest of the stadium is in danger. If the Dodgers have been practicing that in the outfield before the games, then I agree it is a danger to the rest of the stadium.

But on the other side, I don’t think the Yankees should be practicing using foul territory to practice their throwing. Their pitchers probably do not have the same throwing range as Dodgers pitchers do. Also, the Yankees are the home team because it is a World Series and their fans are probably a little more rowdy than theirs.

Why in Gods name is the Yankees the home team? So they can play with their fans? Why not the Dodgers?

When I went to the Yankee game in New York during the 2004 postseason I was amazed at the amount of people that stood in the infield and all over the outfield and the center field bleachers. Most of those people were watching the Dodgers on the television. When did the Yankee fans realize they had a chance to win a World Series and the Dodgers could lose a World Series?

I would suggest that the Dodgers fans get over it. The last time they won a World Series it was just over 60 years ago. They need to relax and try to enjoy

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