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The FBI’s Inability to Tell the Truth About the Killing of an FBI Informant

The FBI’s Inability to Tell the Truth About the Killing of an FBI Informant

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Each week, they’ll explore new and intriguing topics, like the mysterious death in the Gulf of Mexico of an alleged former FBI informant.

“We don’t know where the informant is now,” Kevin said.

His investigative findings and the information he’s uncovered are part of a four-day investigation into the death of the man the FBI described as reliable, who had given intelligence to the bureau about a bombing plot targeting Air Force One on a training flight.

The FBI, which had kept the informant’s identity secret, identified his body Saturday, just a day after he was killed, prompting widespread protests.

But the FBI’s investigation isn’t complete. They’ve identified all the people they’ve questioned, but they haven’t figured out who killed the informant.

The FBI’s inability to provide clear answers has fed suspicions that it is withholding information from Congress and the public. Many argue that it’s because the FBI believes the informant was murdered.

In the two years since Mark Rossmiller was killed, there have been scores of death threats against the FBI. Now there is a chance the FBI could bring a much-anticipated conclusion to the investigation: the informant’s death wasn’t a murder. Instead, it was an accident, or a suicide.

“I believe he took his own life,” said Kevin.

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