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The Need for Affordable Housing Was Not New in California

The Need for Affordable Housing Was Not New in California

Photos: Honoring Veterans Day 2022 in the Southland

Honoring Veterans Day 2022 in the Southland

When: December 8, 2022, Thursday, and Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Where: A Southland County Veterans’ Home, 3270 W. Pacheco St., Palmito, CA 94023 Attendees with no other plans are encouraged to attend the event. Visit or call Veterans’ Homes with their events and times or contact the Veterans’ Home at 805-928-7335 or [email protected].

Veterans’ Homes of Southern California offers free breakfast, coffee, and lunch, a year-round calendar of social activities, and a wide range of programs and classes for men and women in all stages of life.

As the largest nonprofit organization providing health, housing, and social services to military veterans, we offer veterans and their families the most comprehensive, compassionate care possible. The Veterans’ Home of the Southland educates, treats, and supports our veterans and their families with compassion, respect, and dedication every day.

“We need every tool in the toolbox; we must have more of the right tools, and we must have them now. We must stop and reflect on this and then move on. This is not easy; it’s not quick.” This is the statement of then-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in response to the need for affordable housing to meet rising demand. It is a great statement by the famous Governor, but it is also a dire statement of the times and our state’s history.

That’s because the need for affordable housing was not new in California.

While the state has been building affordable housing for nearly 100 years, the idea of a “housing shortage” was not born out of the need to save housing or a belief that housing was scarce and that it must become more abundant.

The idea of a housing shortage was born out of California’s history of building housing for the war effort during and after World War II, as well as in the years immediately after the 1950s housing shortage. The state’s housing backlog peaked as home building for veterans surged, adding to the demand after the Vietnam War, and the housing shortage became more severe.

There has been a housing shortage almost continuously since the Great Depression, and it has only been getting worse since the beginning

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