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The New World Is Coming

The New World Is Coming

Op-Ed: New COVID strains are coming. It’s no time to let down our guard.

New COVID strains are coming. It’s no time to let down our guard.

The world is turning upside down, and we’re not just talking about the COVID-19 outbreak that we’re now in the middle of. We’re talking about a much bigger upheaval as we prepare to confront an entirely new world.

What we’re seeing is a radical shift in our collective political beliefs, and the way we conduct global discussions about the future. This is more than a mere change in our views on government and how to run our societies. We are witnessing the birth of a fundamentally new human consciousness.

These days, the idea of being ‘progressive’ has almost completely vanished – replaced instead by the idea of a ‘progressive-unlimited state’.

This idea is not new either. Many decades ago, the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau made it clear that governments should be limited and democratic, and not simply unaccountable.

But we’re seeing a new type of government, one that is no less authoritarian and authoritarianist, but also more extreme than anything we’ve seen since the beginning of history. It is a government without democracy, and also without accountability and without transparency.

A recent example of this is China’s decision to move ahead in testing the effectiveness of new COVID-19 drugs – a massive attempt to find a cure and control the spread of the new virus. This is in stark contrast to the US, where President Donald Trump has been testing out new drugs, and even ordering hundreds of thousands of doses for his own personal use.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has taken the decision to send 3.5 million tests to China and another 50,000 to overseas labs in an attempt to find a cure for the new virus. The US, meanwhile, only has about 1,000 tests for the virus and

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