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The number of people injured in the rioting rose to 972

The number of people injured in the rioting rose to 972

Indonesian leader says locked gates contributed to deaths of soldiers, police and civilians, Reuters reports.

According to the Jakarta Globe, in the early morning hours of 1st of February, police guarding the entrance to the compound, a local resident told the newspaper that police were standing by as the gates were blocked and the vehicles were allowed to pass by.

An official with the security ministry told Reuters, that the entrance to the prison was closed off to all vehicles except for those with the proper security clearance.

The reporter also told the paper that police vehicles would not drive past the gate, despite a notice that the gate would be closed off to the public at 3am.

The director of the Golkar Party in Jakarta, Djarot Tjahjadi, told the Jakarta Globe that it was unfortunate that soldiers were able to gain access to a prison, when soldiers did not have a proper court order.

The newspaper also reported a similar incident, where the police were unable to guard the gate and were instead stood behind the gates by soldiers.

As of Saturday, there had been no change in the number of deaths since the initial numbers of 1,800 had been reported.

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The number of people killed in last Friday’s rioting rose to 969 when the military and police returned to the riot site, a spokesman for the army told Reuters, citing police.

The number of people injured in the rioting rose to 972, also when the security ministry confirmed that the military had returned to the riot site, a spokesman with the police said.

(PHOTO: Pulso/Reuters)

Yesterday, the army had reported that 1,800 people were killed as a result of the rioting, while the police had reported 600 deaths – including a reported 200 deaths that were not reported by the military.

Despite the change in figures, the Indonesian military has still not commented on the number of those killed, and has only said there are no plans to investigate what happened.

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