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The President’s wife is a criminal enterprise

The President's wife is a criminal enterprise

Litman: Are Jan. 6 investigators hot on the trail of ‘all the president’s people’?

A: I’m not going to get into the political or social stuff — but the lady, who made the allegations in a case that involved a $5 billion investment, did so at her own expense. The fact that she is the president’s wife would be an aggravating factor in any investigation.

Q: So she’s an ex-girlfriend?

A: She was involved with some kind of a criminal enterprise involving marijuana — a couple of large projects. These are in the Southern California area, one of them was the site of what they call the “Greenbrier resort” in Greenbriar, S.C. The other project was the S.C. Aquatic Center — a resort, a convention center and an aquarium. I don’t know how much money was involved, or the exact nature of the crime. But she was involved in that. This was in the 1990s, so it wasn’t a huge criminal enterprise. She was a little naive, but she has been totally and completely clean. And again, you have to remember what we’re talking about here. She was involved with some wealthy people, some people who were in some kind of a criminal enterprise. She’s been completely cleansed. She has to be totally and completely clean, because the people in her life who have gone before her have made those kinds of allegations against her, and she has to be totally clean, and she has to be totally clean before I can even get her to be involved in an interview. And I said, “Please, before I even get you on the stand, if I have any kind of a problem with you at all or feel that you’re trying to take advantage of me, I’ll dismiss the case, then we can get on with this case.” And she said, “I want to get on the stand, I want to show you I’m not trying to take advantage of you, I’m not trying to sell out, and I have nothing to hide.” I have nothing to hide, and I have to trust that she

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