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The Sewage That The Times Wants to Hang Its Hat On Is Not Pelosi’s

The Sewage That The Times Wants to Hang Its Hat On Is Not Pelosi's

Abcarian: That foul stench out of Santa Monica? A local weekly spreading malicious lies about Paul Pelosi (D-CA) is the latest in a list of so-called “alternative media” sites and newspapers to jump on this bandwagon. The latest target, Los Angeles Times, ran a story with headlines “Pelosi’s California home smells of marijuana.”

The truth is that the stench that the Times so desperately wants to hang its hat on does not come from inside Pelosi’s mansion, nor from her California home. Instead, the “smell” is in the sewer, which runs through the Los Angeles River in the vicinity of her residence.

To make this point more personal, I must first say that my home is in the same neighborhood and in the same school district. I grew up in the same area as Pelosi. (I attended Cal State Northridge near her congressional district.)

It goes without saying that the Los Angeles County Metro’s sewer system is inadequate. As a young man growing up in L.A., I remember riding the same bus as Pelosi in her first term in the D.A.’s office. There was no air conditioning on that bus!

I am also a lifelong resident of L.A. (born here, raised here, a high school friend of mine was a member of the L.A. City Council). I have visited Pelosi’s Los Angeles home. To make a long story short: I have also visited the sewer in her neighborhood. The evidence is conclusive: there is nothing in the sewer odor that is indicative of marijuana.

For the record, as you will see below when I present the facts, I am not in any way, shape, or form connected to the marijuana trade.

The truth is that Pelosi lived a rather luxurious life. If you can afford a $15 million mansion in the nation’s entertainment capital, you can certainly afford a $15 million home with “modern” furnishings in the Hollywood Hills. But there is no evidence that Pelosi ever smoked any marijuana at that house. And in any case, the “smell” was too heavy, as there is nothing but dirt in the river.

Furthermore, the California State Department of Health (DOHH) will not release the name of Pelosi’s “

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