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The Teacher Who Shot a Teenage Girl in the Classroom

The Teacher Who Shot a Teenage Girl in the Classroom

Column: Three years after being shot at school, this teen has made our survival her fight.

On the other side of the state, a 13-year-old is alive. But at least, she is.

On Sunday, a teenage girl was shot and killed at school in North Carolina, according to her classmates.

On Friday, the family of the girl filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the school district and two teachers who were the ones that pulled the trigger, as the district’s district attorney said in a statement.

Two of the students were in the classroom during the shooting — one was in the classroom with a friend who was killed, while the other was a boy in class who was grazed by a bullet and is recovering at home with his mother.

Here, the other boys react to the tragic loss:

They say it was an unprovoked attack. But why is it being called a tragedy?

The students say the 17-year-old girl was shot for no reason. They say she was simply trying to defend someone, while a teacher had gone after another individual in the classroom. In their words:

“I think it was just because there was another person in the class that she was trying to defend. And she was trying to defend his life. She was just trying to protect him and protect everyone else around him.”

The teacher who was fired after the shooting, according to the media, was “charged with the student’s death.”

The family of the dead girl also said the teacher “had been having a disagreement with the student.”

The family says the teacher had been working in the classroom on an after school and was taking her time because she had to eat, but the student was very late, and she got upset.

She left the classroom, and when she came back she was angry.

A teacher came into the classroom and started shooting with an 11-inch handgun.

She then came back into the classroom and killed the student, and then she was fired.

But the students don’t think she fired the first shot.

The teen who was grazed by the bullet and is recovering at home said she saw no one coming toward her. She said she heard another person being shot in the back.

Two classmates who did come into the classroom and were injured in the shooting said

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