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The Trial of Kristin Smart

The Trial of Kristin Smart

Split verdict in Kristin Smart murder: Why Paul Flores was found guilty but not his dad

Kristin Smart was murdered in a home in Tijeras, a small town in Coahuila, Mexico. A single blow to the back of her head was the fatal wound. Her body was found around 1pm on February 17, 2009.

After Kristin had been shot multiple times, her ex-boyfriend, Paul Flores, was found guilty of murder. He has been sentenced to life in prison, but his father, Sergio Flores, was found not guilty.

The evidence at the trial proved Flores guilty, but the jury only believed his testimony. We interviewed several people who were close to Kristin throughout her life and were surprised by the verdict.

The verdict was made official on July 2nd, 2010, although the actual sentence and the date of execution are unknown.

What did you know about Paul Flores before this trial?

I was friends with Kristin and I remember her as a very bright girl, who was always laughing and smiling. She was very outgoing.

On February 17, 2009, shortly before 1pm, I went to Kristin’s house because I was going to visit a friend who was a drug dealer.

I had to pass through Tijeras to return home. I got to Kristin’s house when I was about half a block away from Tijeras. A number of residents were standing outside in the yard. They were talking and I just walked by them.

I didn’t know Kristin, so I didn’t say anything to her or approach her. I just kept walking.

I saw Kristin’s mother, Maria, drive up in her black car and park at the end of the street. I saw her walk to the front door when she came out of the car.

I heard shots. Then I heard screams and I saw Maria running towards the house. I ran up to her and she told me to leave. I told her not to leave me, and she tried to grab me.

I left her there and walked back to the street. I went into the yard, where there were

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