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The Voters’ Voice Was Ignored in the Election of 2012

The Voters' Voice Was Ignored in the Election of 2012

Letters to the Editor: Find the audio leakers and give them a reward!

April 22, 2012

We are a nation that is increasingly unhappy with our government’s inability to solve our economic and debt problems. We are also a nation that is increasingly dissatisfied with the way local government is run. Why is it that the voters have to be told which candidates they can choose from, but their own elected representatives, who are elected to represent them, are not required to follow laws?

As you point out in your editorial, the voters’ voice was ignored in the election of 2012. The election of 2010 was decided by those who run the state government in Washington, with the state being the only one that broke its own rules. While in Washington we have had a number of issues, many of which were beyond my control, it is a shame in a state where Washingtonians are often portrayed as being all about government intervention. If this were true, we would not have had an economic collapse in 2008, a foreclosure crisis last year and a government shutdown in 2010 because of government overreach.

The point I would make that you do not see is that the voters in Washington voted for a government that would protect their interests in every way possible and the problem is that we have not been protected. If the voters in Washington want to give the government more control over the economy, this should be through the ballot box. The problem is that the government that the voters have given us has failed to work for them in every way.

As for how to get the voters to see through the election of 2012 (that was a joke by the way), the way to do this is to make election day a national day of action. Go to the ballot box on the day your vote is cast and demand the vote be counted correctly and that the elected official in Washington listen to the voters and do what they say. Call a press conference or a town hall meeting. Protest the election and call for the election to be held again.

The Washington Post is one of the most respected newspapers in America. My suggestion is to follow the newspaper’s lead, which would be to print your election results and to call the

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