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Tijuana gunmen kill two and wound 10 more in drug cartel attack

Tijuana gunmen kill two and wound 10 more in drug cartel attack

Gunmen kill 12 people in Mexico bar attack in Tijuana

MEXICO CITY — The suspected gangsters in Tijuana have killed or wounded more than a dozen people, killing two and wounding 10 more, in another drug cartel attack near the city’s international airport.

Mexican soldiers and federal police have found two bodies and have been searching for another, according to local media reports. They are searching for the suspected killers.

The attack in the city was the third of a week in which a group of gunmen or other assailants ambushed a group of pedestrians, killing two and wounding 10 more in separate attacks.

The attacks come as Mexican authorities are stepping up arrests.

Local media say that several gangsters took hostages, and that the victims included a family of five. Mexican television quoted authorities as saying the gunmen fled in a waiting car, but security services declined to confirm that account.

The gunmen stormed into the El Mexicano bar in downtown Tijuana and began firing, killing two and wounding another. It is unclear what gang was operating the bar, or whether any of them were involved in a rival gang.

About 15 people, mostly men, were inside the bar, some of whom appeared to be holding families, when the gunmen arrived, according to an El Mexicano report.

The report said the attackers killed a man named Omar, identified on social media as a drug trafficker who is believed to belong to the Juarez Cartel. Omar’s wife and seven children were also at the bar, the report said.

The attackers took Omar’s son and daughter and a man named Juan, identified on social media by his nickname, El Chacal.

The gunmen forced the victims to leave the bar, and took them to their car, which they began to drive away from the bar, according to the El Mexicano report. The three disappeared, and the attackers’ car began to drive away with the victims in it.

A woman named Maria was trapped in the back of the car, according to the report. She could not get

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