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Trump calls for Carter to run in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District election

Trump calls for Carter to run in Georgia's 6th Congressional District election

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Donald Trump on Monday afternoon called for former President Jimmy Carter to run in Georgia’s hotly contested 6th Congressional District special election, which pits Trump’s arch-nemesis, former Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, against Walker.

Deal has spent the last six months making allegations against Trump that have been shown to be false. The allegations have been used by Deal’s campaign to paint him as a carpetbagger who has a pro-amnesty position and stands in opposition of Trump’s promised wall with Mexico.

Deal has also been accused of hypocrisy, given his support of Georgia’s controversial and now-rescinded health care law.

Trump’s remarks on Monday were his first campaign statement since he was called out on Twitter on Sunday for promoting the president of the United Kingdom as the winner of the U.K.’s recent election, and made the claim that Walker has a better chance of winning the 6th Congressional District despite not running for office in his home state.

“Nathan Deal is doing great work in Georgia. He just came back from Brussels, where he had a bad deal. Now he is doing VERY well. It will be a big surprise to them,” he said on Twitter.

Carter announced on Sunday he will not run for office in Georgia after nearly two decades of serving the state. The former president, who serves as an ambassador for the United States and as a professor at Emory University, did not give a reason for his decision on his Twitter account on Sunday evening.

Carter said he’s “greatly appreciative for the trust Mr. Trump has shown me and the many generations of Americans who have followed my work” but is not running for office in Georgia.

There have been signs that Trump is taking the criticism he received from Deal to heart.

While campaigning at the University of Georgia in July, Trump talked about Deal and his endorsement of the former president.

“I’m very much a fan of Mr. Carter and what he’s done for Georgia and his country,” Trump said at the time. “He’s been great, he’s done a great job for Georgia and he’s been a great advocate for Georgia.”

Carter has come under fire from Democrats in Georgia in recent weeks. On Wednesday, Democratic

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